Runtime:  31:07
Data Rate: 5000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 1.35 Gigs

Contains: Female/Female Combat, Face, Body, And Belly Punching, Low Blows, Multiple Submission Holds Delivered in 4 Minute Montage Sequence - See Pics and Trailer, Crawling, Groping, Topless, Consensual Pleasuring in Multiple Positions

Synopsis: Solaria pursues Trinity to the back of a warehouse. When Trinity realizes there's no escape, she turns to face Solaria. After a brief altercation, it seems Solaria is ready to take Trinity in, when Trinity sees an opportunity and grabs Solaria's head. Suddenly, Solaria finds herself in a dreamscape across from Trinity. Solaria angrily presses Trinity and is shocked to find out she's in Trinity's head. Trinity continues her explanation. It turns out Trinity has engaged other heroines in this way, forcing them into her head and then forcing them to face their three greatest fears. With the sadistic glee of a psychopath, Trinity tells Solaria she's going to do the same thing to her - force her to face her fears. Naturally, Solaria approaches the challenge with arrogance, not realizing just how scared and vulnerable she is, especially when she realizes she's fighting physically powerless in the head of a deranged lunatic. She has no idea what's about to hit her.