Runtime: 30:40
Data Rate: 5000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 1.17 Gigs

Contains: Male/Female Combat, face, body, belly Punching, kicks, multiple low blows, crawling, bear hugs front and rear, back breaker, live streamed forced admission of defeat

Synopsis: Sonique is at it again, cocky as ever. She's been tracking The Veil, a particularly elusive villain with strength and speed that supposedly betters Sonique. When Veil finally reaches out and lays a trail of bread crumbs to his hideout, Sonique enters full, refusing to exercise caution. She has no idea what she's just stepped into. He toys with her for a time, but once he decides to use his full strength, she begins to feel the pain like never before. Veil's only goal is to make the great Sonique beg for mercy. Find out if Sonique is finally broken...