Runtime: 29:15
Data Rate: 4500 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size:  974 MB

Contains: 1 on 1 Male/Female Combat, Use of kryptonite in an amplified case and on a chain hung from her neck, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Low Blows, Ground Work, Kicks, Use of pipe to choke and stab heroine in back, Electrocution sending thousands of volts through heroine's body, Hose used to spray heroine while passed out on ground, Live feed used to humiliate heroine and demonstrate her incompetence, Cradle Carry, Brief OTS Carry, Forced Fucking in three positions followed by a forced O, Topless nudity, Heroine death by choking with metal pipe,

Lex Luthor has had enough. He wants to reveal Supergirl for the incompetent attention whore that she really is. He's tired of people elevating her when he knows she's no hero. He sets up a series of tests coinciding with three bombs. He hires a thug to coerce her to a predetermined location, and once there, he rolls cameras for the populous to finally see the truth. He spares no mercy while humiliating and torturing Supergirl and breaking her body and her will, demonstrating to the world that she is not the hero she claims to be. Proving she is just a pathetic whore who cums when fucked is only half the fun. Torturing her will and ending her sanctimonious life is far more enjoyable.