Runtime:  31:10 with alternate ending
Data Rate: 4500 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size:  1.04 Gigs

Contains: 2 on 1 Male/Female Combat, 3 on 1 Male/Female Combat, Use of stimulant on Villains, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Low Blows, Ground Work, Kicks, Use of weapons including chain, aluminum bat, and pipe, KO, Cradle Carry

Sonique, in her civilian attire, is having a drink at the bar on the Army base. Two younger hot shots show up and challenge her to an arm wrestling contest, after she dismisses their flirtatious advances. She lets them struggle as they both try and take her down, and hand them a brutal beating, almost breaking one of their arms. Humiliated, the two men report to their commander, indicating the entire event was simply a setup to discover if the civilian was in fact Sonique. Their commander instructs them to capture her. With bruised egos and a desire for revenge, the two set out to engage her. Unfortunately for them, Sonique transforms and hands them one hell of an ass kicking, breaking one of their backs in the process. Realizing Sonique is just too powerful, the commander resorts to an experimental steroid shortly before Sonique tracks the two back to their base. She shows up just when the powerful drug is taking effect. She handled two normal men with ease, but three hyped up on a steroid? She quickly finds herself way in over her head, and that cocky attitude is finally is suppressed. Once the three decide to break out weapons, she not only finds herself in over her head, she wonders if she'll get out alive. Find out what happens.