Runtime: 32:40
Data Rate
 5000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 1.19 Gigs

Contains: Female/Female Combat, Male/Female Combat, 4/1 Combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, multiple low blows, crawling, filming during fighting and sexual humiliation, costume destruction, blindfold, cuffs securing each hand to it's respective upper thigh, weapons including metal bars and brass knuckles, full nudity, forced sexual stimulation and fucking in various positions including 1 on 1, 2 on 1, and 4 on 1, forced oral stimulation, use of gag with metal insert into heroines mouth, nipple clamps, heroine tied behind van using rope and forced to run, heroine forced to walk 20 miles on a country road with a 2 pound weight hanging from nipple clamps while gagged with metal insert

Synopsis: Diana's best friend Miriam is kidnapped by Cassandra, a declared enemy of Wonder Woman. Cassandra has spent years researching WW's identity and has successfully figured it out. Surprising Diana at her home, Cassandra reveals her newfound information concerning Wonder Woman's identity, and then blackmails Diana to come with her to save Miriam's life. Diana has no choice. Cassandra wastes no time and calls for WW to appear. Diana concedes and Cassandra moves ahead with her plan, explaining to Wonder Woman that she and her 4 associates, all ex-cons that WW locked up, are going to do whatever the hell they want to WW for the next 24 hours. Cassandra further explains that the impending humiliating defeat will all be filmed, and if WW chooses to go to the authorities after the fact, the tapes will be released. To avoid WW trying anything cocky, she takes her cuffs and lasso. Cassandra then decides to tire WW out by forcing her to run behind a van for 20 miles. Once at the location, she forces WW into a building where a makeshift boxing ring has been set up. The already tired amazon is forced into the ring. Without her lasso or cuffs, Cassandra preps her further and blindfolds her and cuffs her hands to her upper thighs. The first thug enters with a raging grudge and pair of brass knuckles. It couldn't be a worse setup for our heroine, and it goes from bad to worse... Find out what happens!