Contains: 1 on 1 Male/Female Combat, 1 on1 Female/Female Combat, Transformation, Visual Effect For Both Heroines' Powers, Face Punches, Belly Punching, Kicks, Knees, Low Blows, Crawling, Groping, Chloro, Spanking, Heroine Passes Out From Exhaustion, Body Pans

Synopsis: Someone has painted a target on Sunder. After coordinating unsuccessful attempts at capturing and killing her, this unknown entity has infiltrated Division, the very organization that created her. The command goes out to her direct superior Forbes, to capture Sunder and bring her in. Her status is now classified as "most wanted". Division knows Forbes can't handle her alone. Redwing has recently been rescued and reconditioned after a run-in with Salem, and even though Red has been granted a new power set, Division forgot to reprogram her bad attitude and gigantic ego. Asked to help Forbes capture Sunder, Redwing can't wait to meet this infamous Sunder and see what all the fuss is about. Redwing knows there's just no way Sunder can possibly be more powerful, and she aims to not only prove it to Division that she's top dog, but also to send a message to Sunder to get the hell out of her way. Redwing isn't exactly known for standing down from a fight, but neither is Sunder. When two powerhouses collide, the result could be catastrophic for one of them...

Runtime: 23:16
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