Runtime: 17:54
Data Rate: 4500 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size:  619 MB

Contains: 1 on 1 Male/Female Combat, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Low Blows, Ground Work, Kicks, Bear Hug, Back Breaker, Wall Slams, Costume Destruction, Forced Finger Banging, Forced Sex in multiple positions, full nudity, Forced O from Forced Sex, Death by Kryptonite Stake to heart.

Miss Stratus has been hunting Silas for months. Silas is a known serial rapist and killer with a desire for victimizing powerful woman. His prize would be to overpower a heroine, and Miss Stratus has skillfully been positioning herself as bait for months. Upon discovering Silas' only known contact, an agent who sets up meetings with his victims, Miss Stratus can only wait. Finally, Silas takes the bait and has his agent setup a meeting with the powerful Miss Stratus. They introduce themselves, each trying to hide their identity, but each knowing exactly who the other is. Within minutes, the charade is blown, and with identities out in the open, the battle begins. Silas isn't stupid and he's come well prepared, hyped up on a steroid that makes him just as powerful, if not more powerful than Stratus. Stratus is strong, but she wasn't prepared for his aggressive dominance. Find out what happens when one of the world's most wanted criminals comes face to face with one of the world's strongest heroines.