Runtime: 38:18 
Data Rate: 5000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 1.42 Gigs

Contains: Male/Female Combat, face, body, belly Punching, kicks, multiple low blows, crawling, bear hug front and rear, back breaker, heroine restrained wrists and ankles while chloro'd and electrocuted, groping, application of topical solution to arouse heroine, use of vibrator to force arousal, fingering to force climax, forced sex from villain in 2 positions, forced cumming administered by villainess, all live streamed to humiliate heroine.

Synopsis: Dawn Hall, aka Blue Swan has been on a role lately. Crime is at an all-time low and her ego is inflated to an all-time high. The underworld already hates her, but her cocky attitude has caught the attention of Bellona, a particularly powerful and cunning villainess. Without special powers of her own, she contacts Venator, a bounty hunter with a track record for bringing down the most powerful marks and a hard on for the pretty ones. While Venator is busy with Swan, she contacts Dr. Rakish, a sociopathic and brilliant surgeon and researcher who works not for the public good, but to pad his own pockets. Rakish is instructed to implant a transceiver connected to Swan's power center and find out how much stimulation is necessary to power up the device. He accepts his task of forcing Swan to arousal all in the name of science. Bellona knows she could dispose of Swan at this point, but she wants Swan to feel the humiliation of loss and the public's judgement. She lets Swan go only after she wires Swan's home with a live feed. Swan is already having trouble sleeping after her ordeal, and exists on high alert restlessly dressed in her protective power suit. Unfortunately, it's not enough. Venator gains access to her home and Bellona makes the feed live. Find out what happens in our heroine's ultimate public humiliation as Bellona narrates Swan's exposé