Runtime:  25:11
Data Rate: 5000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 1.14 Gigs

Contains: Male/female Combat, face, body, and belly punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, asphyx, chloro, groping of full body, full nudity, use of bruising and blood, forced O from fingering, 3 "death" endings with 2 resurrections - sleeper hold to asphyx, neck snap, and metal pipe skewering heroine - while dead, throat is slit with very limited amounts of blood

Synopsis: Tara Crypt has been captured and is being interrogated by one of her most dangerous adversaries. He feels no pain and consequently, feels no fear. Although he's relentless, she won't break. To tame her arrogance, he un-cuffs her and decides to allow her to fight. He knows he can still extract any information he needs minutes after she's killed. If she chooses not talk, that's of no concern to him. In the meantime, he decides to have some fun while taming her ego. She has no idea what she's in for...