Runtime: 29min 01sec
Data Rate:
 3000 kbps
Format: .m4v h.264
File Size: 703 MB

Contains Female/Female Fighting, Male/Female Fighting, multiple low blows, bear hug, chloro, forced O, groping, ground work, brutal belly/face punches, backhands, slaps, knees, kicks, spanking, electrical wrist bracers used to torture all the heroine's tender spots, taunting, and sexy costumes.

Starring: -Stella- -Areana- -Sam- -Trevor-

In an effort to thwart an assassination attempt on a senator, Widow takes out two men seconds before they're able to get a shot off. Moments later, Widow pulls a sedation dart out of her neck, quickly realizing the assassins were only a trap set to lure her to the location. Hydra, a very clever and powerful villainese now has the elusive Widow captive to do with whatever she pleases. The fact she's attempting to extract information from Widow is almost an after thought as she delights in multiple forms of torture to all of Widow's "tender" spots. Even after Hydra tires of her game, she sets two of her goons loose on Widow to do whatever they want. See if Widow breaks, or if she manages to hold her cocky attitude through unthinkable forms of torture and extraction techniques.