Runtime: 20:43
Data Rate:
 3000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 525 MB

Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Lindsay Hanzl-

Spawn has developed the ultimate program for leisure - A virtual reality where he can create any scenario he wants with his ultimate nemesis Superianna. Find out what's rattling around in the mind of the world's most eclectic super villain? No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to avoid toying with her. Alas, despite his best efforts, he still can't seem to get the program to run flawlessly and do exactly what he wants. Even when he upgrades to version 1.1 and puts the "real" Superianna into his virtual world, programming glitches still arise. Does he get what he wants, or does Superianna manage to escape a seemingly impossible situation?

Find out in "Superianna 1.0".