Runtime: 22:37
Data Rate: 4000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 660 MB

Contains: Male/Female Combat, Krypto, Hypno, Belly Punching, Face and Body Attacks, Low Blows, 3 on 1 Beat Down, Laser Eyes, Bear Hug, Back Breaker, Ground Work, Crawling, Kicks, Holds, OTS Slow Mo Carry, Aggressive Beat Down and Loss for Heroine

Sunder arrives at an abandoned warehouse to investigate a report that monokryptonium is being manufactured. Within moments, she's confronted by Speed and Pain, villains with powers associated with their names. With minimal effort, she's able to dispose of the hindrance, but still not able to get any info about the krypto. Before she's able to investigate further, a well dressed business woman carrying a case confronts her. Lady B introduces herself and explains that her case contains green glass. Sunder is unimpressed and certainly unaffected. She challenges Lady B to answer why government intelligence picked up traces of monokryptonium in a recent scan. With a knowing look, Lady B cues the lights and a flashing light quickly puts Sunder into a trance. Open to the power of suggestion, Lady convinces Sunder the glass is actually monokryptonium, and that it's effects will be identical to the real thing. She tells Sunder she will forget she's been hypnotized, and counts her out of the trance. When the lights come up, there's a strange, angry looking creature being held back by Speed and Pain, and oddly enough, a camera recording everything. As if presenting to a would be buyer, Lady B presents Sunder to the camera and then opens the case to display the green glass. Right on cue, Sunder feels the effects of the Krypto. Lady proudly continues that she will be willing to supply anyone willing to pay with her special "green glass". Sunder understands the motive finally, but it is too late. At once, Lady cuts the creature loose on what is now a defenseless Sunder. Watch as she experiences pain and humiliation from an extreme group beat down!