Runtime: 28min 00sec
Data Rate:
3000 kbps
Format: .m4v h.264
File Size: 677 MB

Contains: Male/Female Combat, Female/Female Combat, Temporary Kay O, Belly Punches, Low Blows, Front/Back Bear Hugs, Kicks, Holds, Choking, Throws, Unpleasant Electrical Stimulation, Ground Work, Reluctant Reactions to Adult Situations...

Responding to cries for help, our Heroine reports to a possible kidnapping and abduction call in an abandoned warehouse. Very quickly, it becomes clear that things are not as they appear. In trying to figure out the motive for luring her to the warehouse, our Heroine deals with a genetically engineered behemoth with no brains and a taste for superheroine bodies. With her strength sapped, she encounters an enemy of long past and finally uncovers the dark truth to why she's been deceived.