Runtime: 29:01
Data Rate: 4500 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: .98 GB

Contains: Male/Female Combat, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Low Blows, Ground Work, Kicks, Front Bear Hug, Costume Transformation, AOH Beatdown, Reluctant Reactions to One Sided Adult Situations Including Fondling and One Position, Bondage, Electrocution, OTS carry

De Sade has spent years manipulating, torturing, and coercing an unknown entity he calls "Second" for the sole purpose of fighting and capturing Lady Power. He has acquired a strength serum which he uses repeatedly on Second. After months of injections and covert observation of Lady Power's personal residence, he sends Second in. In civilian form, Lady is still aware of her surroundings and catches Second off guard. He's no match for her strength but De Sade sent Second with a care package of strength injections. After multiple injections, Lady Power finds it very difficult to keep up, and eventually gives to Second's onslaught. Find out what happens when Second delivers Power to De Sade's dungeon.