Runtime: 30:30
Data Rate:
 3000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 763 MB

Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Anonymous-

1. Triple Threat!?
Lor'cal's apprentice wants to see a reality without Nuclearman, so we kick off with Spawn and Superianna duking it out in rocky terrain. Superianna eventually gets the best of Spawn so he opens a portal for Radiance and Fusion. Superianna has some trouble with Fusion but she defeats him.

2. Enter The Nucleargirl?
After Fusion is killed by Superianna, Radiance is given the go ahead to take on Superianna. This fight goes very bad for poor little Superianna as her foe is greatly underestimated.

3. The Spawn Who Could Move The World
Next up, we have a different reality with Nuclearman and Spawn. Superianna burns NM with her laser vision but Spawn takes control of her body and forces her to walk through a mine field. One of the mines is laced with a green space fragment!

4. Yes Master?
Next up we have a slight change of realities and this time Spawn's mind controls Superianna to kill Nuclearman and follow him!

5. Blind Date?
In this dimension Spawn never gave Lester his powers but he was able to make a synthetic green space fragment liquid! Lester scores a date with Superianna and it all goes down hill.

6. Familiar Face
Another spin on the date reality but this time there are no space fragments, and Lester does have his powers!

7. Best Friends Forever?
This story shows what would have happened if Spawn was able to trick/manipulate Superianna into being his friend! A good Nuclearman shows up to try and save Superianna but she protects the only friend she has on this planet: Spawn!

8. Family Ties?
Later on in the same reality, Spawn creates a Nucleargirl and brings her and Fusion to meet Superianna for the first time. Radiance immediately doesn't like Superianna, and a fight breaks out. Unfortunately for Superianna, Radiances' fighting skills prove to be more than she can handle.