- How do I purchase a TBFE Film?
To purchase a film, you'll need to be signed up with Netcode. If you are not already a member of Netcode, please click the purchase button and then click create login. Follow the instructions that follow and once you have an account, you'll be able to purchase a TBFE Film. Once you are logged into your Netcode account, you may add multiple films to your shopping cart by returning to thebattleforearth.com and clicking purchase on another film of your choice. When you've filled your order, check out using Netcode.

- I'm having download issues. Who do I contact?
Please contact admin@netcodemedia.com

- I downloaded the movie but my computer won't play the file.
 Every film is in .mp4 format. This is almost universally compatible with most players. Some versions of certain players have posed playback issues through the years. We recommend using VLC which is free to download. If that doesn't work, please contact admin@netcodemedia.com or info@thebattleforearth.com. 

- Does TBFE make custom films?
Yes! In fact, TBFE is 90% customer supported. In other words, we are the customer's production company. Creating customer financed films is our business and we strive very hard to create your vision just the way you imagined it! Please see the following: http://thebattleforearth.com/Custom_Orders.html

- What happened to the rest of season 2?
Financing was pulled and Season 2 has no current plans of completion..

- Which movies contain certain peril elements?
Every film's page has elements that most folks are concerned with listed and explained .If you have a further question beyond this, please contact info@thebattleforearth.com

- What are combo packs?
Combo Packs are organized by season, actress, heroine, PG, and Extreme. We discount heavily for bying in bulk, so if for example, you'd like to purchase all the movies with a particular actress, you'll save whatever percent is listed on the purchase button. The more you buy, the more you save!

- I want to contact TBFE but I don't want to use the stupid contact box.
info@thebattleforearth.com. Please allow 24 hours for us to get back you. If we haven't replied in that time frame, feel free to email again!