The Battle For Earth production team is capable of fulfilling all of your custom requests. To keep the process as simple as possible, please read the following before submitting custom requests, and include as much of the following as you can:

1. Choose an actress(es) from the list of talent below. Keep in mind their limitations (PG or R). You are certainly not limited to the list below. If you have someone else in mine, just let us know and we'll contact her! If you don't have a preference, please indicate that and we'll be happy to help choose!

2. Choose a costume. If we have a costume in house that works for your vision, that's the easiest. Otherwise, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll have it created! Costumes in house are currently: Solaria 2 piece, Solaria 1 piece, Supergirl 2 piece, Powergirl, Shadowing, WW with corset, WW 1 piece, Sunder, Excelsia, Blue Swan, Widow, Redwing, Marvelous, and Sonique.

3. Choose your length/price point. The following prices include 1 heroine (local or out of town), 1 villain, a standard location, and in house costumes.

12-15 min - 1 Heroine - 1 Villain - In-house Costume - $1000
25-30 min - 1 Heroine - 1 Villain - In-house Costume - $2000
40-45 min - 1 Heroine - 1 Villain - In-house Costume - $3000
60 min - 1 Heroine - 1 Villain - In-house Costume - $4000

4. Send a script or synopsis to!

Many scripts or concepts will be above or outside the set pricing structure. We'll always be happy to read a script and give a full line itemized quote! Projects and requests are diverse, so please don't assume you are required to choose one of the price points above. The set pricing structure is a good starting point for folks looking for information and ballpark figures, or what it will take to get TBFE's most basic custom package!

Don't forget, even our basic packages come with full HD quality and the option for 4K. All sound and music is engineered to industry standards, and all films are color graded and corrected visually to fit the tone of each project.

Please try to let us know what financing is available for the project. This one is tough as customers are often used to the "car sales negotiation" tactic. Please understand TBFE does not put a profit margin in any of our quotes and we will never try to "sell" you something. We calculate the cost of filming and show it to the customer. Our prices are exactly what things cost us. Folks come with a diverse set of requests, and an even broader set of expectations. We're more than happy to accomodate various budgets and are creative in figuring out work-arounds, but it certainly helps to know how much financing each project has available, so that we can better design the production to fit your budget while still fulfilling your requests. We do our best to accomodate a variety of budgets and are happy to do so, so long as we have full payment in hand before the shoot date, All actors/actresses/crew are paid with a check at wrap!

Turn-around time can range from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on where your movie hits our release schedule. You will be made aware of the turn-around time once we receive more information about the project from you and you'll be kept updated throughout the process! You'll receive your own download of the film, as well as full resolution gallery pictures.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with folks so far, and we look forward to future projects! Please send all requests to, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!