Runtime: 33:00
Data Rate:
 3000 kbps
Format: .mp4 h.264
File Size: 882 MB

Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -anonymous-

1. Spawn has almost finished creating Nuclearman and Superianna shows up to stop him! Just as he is about to bring life to his creature, he finds himself at the bottom of Superianna's boot! Superianna laughs at Spawn's threats but a large figure looms behind the young cocky Superheroine!

2. Even the best of friends can lie to each other! Superianna donates her DNA, but instead of being used to cure disease, it creates a super powered murderer! Superianna finds Spawn dead at his studio and his own creation responsible!

3. Superianna finds herself out numbered and out matched against both Radiance and Fusion! There is nothing she can do but become their personal super punching bag!

4. Wanting to play with their new toy, Fusion and Radiance drag Superianna out to the desert with a giant chunk of Meteor rock chained to her prone body. Superiorgirl is played with, humiliated, and shown the meaning of pain at the hands of Fusion and Radiance!

5. In this reality we find Radiance and Superianna as a mega team of girl power.. What they don't know is Fusion is waiting for them with a green surprise!

6. With no space fragments available, and Radiance joining forces with Superianna, Spawn equips Fusion with powers of the mind! After trapping Superianna in a force field, Radiance takes a beating and succumbs to Fusion's power. She is then commanded to destroy Superianna!

7. A spunky Linda Leedin is on her way home and noticed by 2 thugs, uneducated Spawn and Lester. She makes quick work of them but Lor'cal's apprentice decides this is unfair and gives an unaware Spawn a green present!

8. Linda and Carissa are relaxing at home, but not for long.. Carissa hears a noise and is carried unconscious back to the living room after leaving to investigate! Linda helps Carissa to her feet and they stand against Fusion!