Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Anonymous-

The time has come for Spawn to create his heroine and the test subject has just arrived against her will! Carissa James stands alone in Spawn"s lab with no knowledge of why she has been kidnapped. After a brief and violent introduction from her captor, she is instructed to put on a tight red combat uniform for her training session. Not wanting to take another pounding, she complies and is informed that if she cooperates, she will be granted powers beyond reason. Already a distaste for superheroines, she accepts and begins her journey with tests of combat, pain to all parts of her body, and immunity to chloroform! Over and over, Carissa loses to her instructor and finds herself waking up to a new challenge. Spawn becomes impatient with her progress and gives her instructor 72 hours to get her mission ready. Carissa is given her first taste of super powers and immediately attacks her instructor with aggressive enthusiasm. Her newly found strength surprises him, but she is slowly defeated and knocked out once more. Carissa finishes her training and Spawn comes to congratulate the sassy young blond! His first order is for her to kill her instructor, which she completes with a slight hesitation. Spawn rewards Carissa with all of her powers and she becomes the unstoppable evil beauty known as Nucleargirl!

See the origins of Nucleargirl in Episode 9

Runtime: 28min 11sec
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