Nuclear Man

Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Aimee-

It's time... the powerful, undefeated, and beautiful Superianna heads at blinding speed to a remote construction site to save her friend. Waiting for her is Creighton Spawn and his nuclear powered mega villain that has only one thing on his mind: Hurt, break, humiliate and destroy Superianna!!! After arriving, Superianna wastes no time and confronts Spawn who is almost asleep in his wheelchair. She demands to know where Carly is, but Spawn makes her uncover a "present" from a nearby tarp. Superianna is unimpressed to find what appears to be Lester Varge, as she is at full strength. Nuclearman protects his master and the battle begins! Superianna is trapped in a clear prison that appears to be immune to her strength. After escaping, she exchanges super breath with Nuclearman and is far more affected. Superianna decides to take him out physically but is shocked to find him unaffected by her attacks! Nuclearman goes on the offensive and gives Superianna her first real experience with intense pain and humiliation. To make things more hopeless for the red, blue and yellow clad superheroine, Nuclearman shocks Superianna by surrounding her body with green space fragments! Spawn furthers her humiliation by bringing Carly out to watch the destruction of Superianna! Carly can do nothing but look on in horror as the beautiful blond champion is decimated.

Find out the fate of Superianna in Episode 8

Runtime: 38min 30sec
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