The Last Stand

Contains Male/Female fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and some suggestive sexual situations.

Starring -Lilith Eve-

Challenged to defeat Nathan with only one of Spawn's serum treatments, Trinity now faces impossible odds with little to no hope of stopping Gunther. Trinity soon realizes that Gunther feels little pain and does not lose stamina! She gives him everything she has but is quickly overwhelmed by his vicious attacks. She is now fighting for her life, and to protect her sister Serenity from becoming Spawn's next lab test! After a humiliating beating at the hands of Gunther, Trinity makes her final stand and blasts her foe with every ounce of energy she has. To her dismay, Gunther plows through her assault and gives her one final lesson as he manhandles her.

Does Trinity survive the attacks and stop Spawn from harvesting another superheroine, or is she laid to rest in vain...

Runtime: 31min 11sec
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