The Harvest

Contains Male/Female fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and some suggestive sexual situations.

Starring -Lilith Eve-

Trinity tracks and confronts a strange man who claims to have information regarding a diabolic plan to harvest abilities from the most powerful superheroines around the globe. The strange man pleads with the lovely superheroine to contact Serenity, her sister, so he can warn her in person. Trinity blows off his request and probes him for more information which leads her nowhere. In the blink of an eye the strange man goes from calm and collected to a vicious psychopath. She is caught off guard by his speed and strength which allows him the upper hand. Now fighting for her life, Trinity takes a severe beating from the serum crazed villain but does not give in to his demand for contacting Serenity. After the hardest fought battle of her superheroine career she gets the upper hand and immobilizes her foe. He continues to laugh and taunt Trinity while she beats him senseless. Knowing that Serenity is far more powerful than her, she questions the villain's plans for Serenity. He again laughs in her face while explaining that he was never meant to fight Serenity as he only has one of Spawn's treatments, he was simply bait. Trinity hears something breathing behind her and whips around to see a horrifying site! A deranged lunatic she had previously locked up was now standing before her with six of Spawn's super serums! Trinity realizes the difficulties she had with just one of Spawn's serums but she presses on to protect Serenity.

Runtime: 28min 24sec
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