Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Hollie Winnard- -Kristie- -Kristen-

With Night Girl and Stealth in Spawn's hands, and Tempest forced to play by Spawn's rules to save her daughter, only Superianna is left. Avalon has all but disappeared; likely dead, along with Trinity, Nova, Divinity, and Shadow Girl. Spawn sees an opportunity. Superianna is not easily beaten, but instead, he decides to begin the groundwork to humiliate and destroy her status of righteousness in the public eye. He needs Tempest close to her, so he orders Tempest to track Superianna down and join her, still following orders. Just in case, he sends Fero in pursuit to observe. Kaid sees opportunity as well. the crystal's powers have been fusing with the serum and his dna, and have been amplifying attributes and characteristics in his persona. He is now rich, powerful, and continues to build his heroine army while realizing the expanding powers of his crystal. He can sense Tempest is near, and decides to track her down. He doesn't realize Spawn has her under his control. Using Diamond and Draiken for help, he tracks Tempest only to find Superianna. A fight between Tempest and Superianna against Draiken and Diamond ensues. It's never quite that simple though.

See who switches sides, and what twists take place as good vs evil in the season finale, "Standoff".

                     Stand Off

Runtime: 27min 03sec
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