The Darkest Hour Of Day

Contains Female/Female Fighting, Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and some suggestive sexual situations.

Starring -Amy Johnston

After witnessing the destruction of Syren and his super powered thugs, Spawn decides to take matters into his own hands, and confronts Avalon himself. Avalon is completely caught off guard by Spawn's unexpected arrival. To make matters worse, he places her in a force field that renders her helpless while sapping away every ounce of her strength! Groggy and disoriented, Avalon wakes in Spawn's lair only to discover she has been stripped of her powers. After this humiliating realization, she has no choice but to retreat.

Avalon starts her journey home with no mask, human strength, no super speed, and devoid of kinetic powers. The once super girl almost makes it halfway home until a local gang leader recognizes her. He's completely enraged she would dare show her face on his turf dressed as Avalon, especially after recently roughing up his brother. Although Kara Stevens is powerless, her ego lands her a devastating defeat administered by the hands of otherwise ordinary thugs.

Now just a girl, Kara Stevens is mentally shaken and all but gives up as she develops horrifying nightmares of powerless defeats. Past the point of frustration, she sinks deep into meditation to try and find answers. Accessing her memories, she has a vision of Spawn replacing one of her rings while unconscious in his lair!

After this revealing discovery, she violently removes the fake from her finger and is instantly overwhelmed with power. She wastes no time transforming into Avalon and speeds directly to Spawn's lair. Ready to rip him to shreds, she is shocked to confront a heavily upgraded Syren. Spawn's invincible object meets the unstoppable force as Avalon battles for her life in this super showdown!

Does Avalon prevail, or does Syren finally end Avalon's superheroine career for good? Find out in Episode II - The Darkest Hour Of Day

Runtime: 36min 07sec
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