Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Hollie Winnard-

Spawn's up to his tricks once again. His invincibility serum almost complete and Elise almost resurrected, he now faces an unexpected threat. Not only has Avalon resurfaced and she, Superianna and Night Girl have gone into hiding, but Kaid has now gone rogue and has acquired one young budding heroine, Aurora, in an effort to strengthen his own agenda for power. Spawn's agenda is still to divide the 5 superheroines and prevent any alliance to form between the 5. Enter another young heroine with uncontrolled powers and no purpose. Having recently relocated in an effort to escape her demons and her past, Spawn sees an opportunity to capitalize. He lays a trap, captures her, and tests her strength both mentally and physically. Why does Spawn want to waste his time with this lesser heroine and why is he giving her the opportunity to learn, grow, and control her powers? What purpose could he possibly have in store for her that would align with his own agenda?

Find out in Episode 27, "Temper Temper"!

               Temper Temper

Runtime: 26min 34sec
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