Contains Male/Female Fighting, Female/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Rachel-

Selena is dead - Superianna managed a last second come back and destroyed her as she was escaping. Aurora doesn't know that. Sister of Nova, she's been tracking Selena for months. After losing her sister at the hands of Selena, Aurora will show no mercy. She tracks Selena to the Superheroine's hideout, the last place she existed, and waits. Little does she know that since every villain has located the hideout, Superianna and her super friends have left the building so to speak. Aurora considers the fact that she might have beat Selena there, and prepares for her arrival. Unfortunately for her, Selena is dead, and the only thing that arrives are two thugs, sent by Lor'cal and Spawn respectively to retrieve Selena's magic crystal. It's powers to debilitate Superianna's powers hold value on the black market, and of course, they always have other motives. Now, thugs aren't always the brightest henchmen in the business, so it would stand to reason that two halves might make a powerful whole to stand against a budding superheroine, Aurora. I guess we'll see. Without total control of her powers, Aurora is not trained and ready to face Spawn's serum. Spawn wouldn't send one of his thugs into battle without serum. A force she is, but can she survive these odds - 2 against 1? Oh yeah, and there's always a twist at the end...

Find out who survives, and who saves who?

              A New Direction

Runtime: 35min 47sec
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