Contains Male/Female Fighting, Female/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Britney-

Having invested a considerable amount of capital into Spawn's serum research, Selina, a creepy dark villainess expects reparation. Spawn allows her the use of his torture dungeon, and lures Superianna there with the threat of innocent people facing a bomb. Naturally, it's a rouse, and quickly, Superianna finds herself at the mercy of a mad woman with a magical crystal that disables Superianna's powers. This enables Selina's magic to torture Superianna and cause her pain and humiliation. Any way to keep Superianna from aligning with the other four is advantageous to Spawn at this point. Whether it's simply power or just musement, Selina forces unspeakable acts upon our heroine, the likes of which Superianna is horrified to endure. After a time, Selina bores a bit, takes a break, and Superianna finds just enough strength to break free. She grabs the crystal and returns to the hideout. Immediately, she contacts Avalon. Confident that the alliance will soon commence, she hears a noise. Thinking it's probably Night Girl, but wary none the less, she cautiously searches the hideout. Little does she know she's in for a double shock. Not only has Selina tracked her, Kaid comes out of nowhere. Now rogue, we're not certain of his intention. Selina wants her Crystal, and Kaid, continuing to morph into a serum power house, finds it necessary to give one last attempt to align with the five superheroines against Spawn. His increasing power allows him a greater ability to stand firm, even against two. This doesn't go over well, and a fight occurs between the three with each a different agenda.

Find out who survives, who dies, and who goes their own way...


Runtime: 22min 55sec
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