Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Helly Mae-

Last we saw Superianna, she was tossed into outer space by Lor'cal. With control over only dark energy, Lor'cal couldn't keep her captive, so she returns to attempt to align herself with the 4 other most powerful super heroines in the world. It is time to come together. Evil has divided 3 ways - Lor'cal, Kaid, and Spawn with Nuclear Man and Nuclear Girl under his control. His progress with the invincibility serum, and the growing threat all 5 pose will take an army of 5 superheroines to even have a fighting chance. As Superianna attempts contact of Avalon and Night Girl, both Kaid and Spawn realize the only way to stop this 5 way alliance is to separate them and attempt to defeat each alone. The first distraction comes as Kaid, who by chance happens to figure out the location of the superheroine's lair. A fight takes place between he and Superianna. He's modified Spawn's machine to take super powers from heroines, so once it steals them, it now renders the superheroine defenseless. See how Superianna does against Kaid with his serum based powers as well as her own powers used against her. She'll attempt to survive and get back on track to meet the other 4. They have to make plans to stand against the greatest evil the world has yet to see. The ultimate confrontation between good and evil is unavoidable.

Fate has already decided it's path...

                Good Vs Evil

Runtime: 19min 16sec
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