Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Christen-

Night Girl has been held captive now for weeks at Spawn's hand. Sitting in his dungeon, she finds energy in the darkness. After weeks, she grows strong enough to break her cuffs, and escapes. Her suit continues to morph reflecting the energy building inside. Meanwhile, Spawn and Kaid are at odds. Spawn's complete obsession with his serum and his "project" under the blanket has finally gotten to Kaid. They part ways on bad terms but Spawn is so focused, he doesn't care. Night Girl finds a hide out, and while she's trying to figure out her next move, Kaid confronts her, asking her to join him against Spawn. After having been fed dog food for weeks, she's in no mood to join forces with Kaid, and insists on a fight. Kaid is hopped up on Serum, but she's so charged with dark revenge, it doesn't matter. She manages to triumph, and then confronts Spawn. Her powers have grown to the point where Spawn's mind control and powers have no effect on her. It's vice versa as well. She knows only one way to take revenge on him, and that's to take away what's most precious to him.

Find out what happens!

Night Girl 

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