Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Tasha-

As Lor'cal clearly opposes Superianna's remote alliance with Spawn, he transports her to another dimension, equivalent in time, but different in that Spawn controls everything. In fact, Spawn has already disposed of Superianna in this dimension. She finds herself naked and looking for clothing, a disguise, and a plan to get to Kelford to try and make sense of the situation. Finding a vacant beach cottage, she clothes herself and applies a wig, quite similar to her alter ego. Satisfied, she sets out for Kelford only to be stopped by an invisible assailant, a pawn of Lor'cal's. This and Lor'cal's voice explains her alternate universe. The thug is nothing impressive, but delays her quest, possibly just to amuse Lor'cal. Invariably, she barely disposes of this inconvenience and finds her way to Kelford. Much to her surprise, she finds her cape, boots and all, displayed as a prize in Spawn's lair. Not phased, she dresses and returns from the shadows to face the same annoying villain once again. Lor'cal has no intention of making this easy, and he allows her to finally dispose of him yet again. Her intention to make it to Kelford was to find an energy signature left by Lor'cal's invasion of Earth Prime in the last episode. She figures even in an alternate dimension, there may still be enough energy to track Lor'cal into time and space. She finds herself accurate and soon enough, she is in a world unrecognizable even to her. Even more annoying, a more powerful version of the same villain appears to challenge her once again. She has no choice but to fight for survival in this alternate dimension, a dimension with no apparent boundaries, and a ground and sky that seem to converge into an apparent abyss. She fights.

Find out what happens!

            Alternate Dimension

Runtime: 20min 45sec
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