Episode 1

Contains Female/Female Fighting Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and some suggestive sexual situatiions.

Starring -Amy Johnston-

Fueled by pure hatred, Dr. Creigton Spawn sets a trap for Avalon, by having a hired thug place a tracking device on her body! Avalon goes home unaware that her identity and location has been revealed to the most dangerous and evil criminal alive! While Avalon is preparing for a date night as Kara Stevens, Spawn sends cybernetic super villain Syren. She has only one goal: Destroy Avalon! Kara manages to barely escape Syren's clutches, but again has to face more of Spawn's hired help. This time, he sends two thugs to insure victory! Avalon battles both super villains in an all out brawl for superiority, as her super healing abilities are put to the test! Once Avalon disposes of the thugs, gathers her wits, and is finally ready for her date, she is confronted by Dr. Spawn himself!

Don't miss out as Avalon fights for justice in her first adventure!

Runtime: 36min 07sec
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