Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Christen-

Recently trained by Spawn, Jale's first mission is to retrieve Elektris' powers. Spawn has been tracking her progress since Nuclay sent her back into society to "learn and grow". Nuclay couldn't pull the trigger on killing his son as Lor'cal ordered, so Lor'cal took Nuclay, and he hasn't been seen since. Meanwhile, Spawn has resumed work on his father's "experiment", and has furthered his research into what he calls, an invincibility serum. He has already collected the blood of many super heroines and continues to do so, and has formed an alliance with Kaid to train a group of young girls just discovering their powers. However, he has another agenda. His hatred towards super heroines, brought on by the death of his wife, always plays first priority. Without Kaid's knowledge, he's been ordering other thugs to steal heroine's powers and kill them, instead of capturing and indoctrinating them into his "collective". He only spares a heroine's life if he thinks they can be useful to future research, or maybe used to coerse, capture, or kill other heroines. He's ordered Elektris dead, and Jale follows his orders. Unfortunately, it turns out that Elektris not only has control over energy, but she cannot die unless her body is completely disassembled. Having already encountered Jale and lost, she wakes to find herself angry and betrayed. Her last run in with Nuclay gave her the impression they were trying to teach her. Now they're trying to kill her. Her anger triggers an energy flux, and through a burst of flames, her suit begins to morph, and her character darkens. With each encounter, she will grow stronger and will need to customize her suit to be able to handle the extra energy she's generating. She tracks Jale's portal to Spawn's lab. She quickly defeats Jale, but Spawn naturally exerts control easily over her. Discovering her ability to stay alive, he decides instead to keep her alive and add her to his list of heroines to convert.

Does she submit voluntarily?


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