Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Sarah-

In the hands of Spawn and Kaid, a clueless Superianna continues her training, slowly discovering her strength and powers. Her fighting skills improve and she's strong and capable at this point. Spawn decides to level her ego and knocks her out completely for days. She wakes to find herself laid out with a green rock sitting next to her. Her head is killing her and she's never experienced pain like this. Kaid enters to inform her the next part of her training is all mental - tests of pain, humiliation, strength, mind control. Her training resumes with the green rocks present for much of it, a challenge she must overcome. She struggles hopelessly with every one of her challenges, flashing back occasionally to visions of a past that makes no sense. She is starting to remember certain people, but she hasn't seen Spawn yet, nor put any connection together. Training is incredibly difficult and completely taxed with nothing left, she finds the strength to stand once again. Spawn enters for the final test - humiliation. Calculatingly, he removes her cape, belt, skirt, and then begins to tear her costume, exposing her to the point where she is mortified. She can't handle it and Spawn tosses her to the ground. Another flashback occurs and this time, she sees Spawn. The connection is made, but she is in no condition to fight. What will she do?

Find out what happens to Superianna!

                 Total Recall

Runtime: 21min 22sec
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