Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Sarah-

Superianna has been missing for months now, after being brutally acossted by Synestra. Synestra finally tires of the charade and lets her go with memory entirely wiped. She wakes to find herself in an alley. Immediately recognized by a passerby, she dawns a disguise. Word on the street travels fast and reaches Kaid. Kaid is still unaware Spawn double crossed him in Ep 16, and he thinks they still have an alliance. Kaid calls Spawn right away, and Spawn decides to once again capture the memoryless Superianna. He figures she can be taught and trained - the perfect killing machine - ultimately to do away with Avalon. Kaid captures her, brings her to the training facility, and begins retraining her. She begins passing tests and growing stronger with fighting skills. She gets knocked around pretty good, but somehow to keep getting up. Although she doesn't realize her powers yet, she grows a bit more confident and phase 2 takes place. She's given her costume, and told it will give her more power. She continues with training and although she is stronger, she is still tossed around. With a last desperate attempt to beat Kaid in training, she discovers her laser vision, and knocks him out. Spawn appears and decides to level her ego. She quite clearly needs more training. She'll recieve it...

Find out what happens to Superianna!

                Lost And Found

Runtime: 20min 03sec
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