Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Christen-

A young college student, Alissa has recently discovered some very odd things happening in her life. She mistakenly discovers that shocking herself is enjoyable, almost euphoric, and soon thereafter seems to develop a certain magnetism that attracts metal. When searching for any information online, Nuclay intercepts her search. He instructs his unwillingly assistant Kaid to research this Alissa, as she might be a genetic anomaly in the gene pool; a real developing mutated being that if handled properly, could be swayed to assist them. After recent treatment from Nuclay, Kaid decides to handle this one personally, and even brings Spawn into the equation by telling him of Alissa and leaving Nuclay in the dark. He tracks Alissa down, she resists capture, and a violent fight ensues, ending in her capture., He brings her back to the laboratory and dresses her in a protective suit to allow her to try and control her abilities with electricity, magnetism, and ultimately eneregy. Training starts but is interupted by a very displeased Nuclay. Turns out Spawn has double crossed Kaid who had double crossed Nuclay. Spawn called his Dad and told him of Kaid's actions with Alissa. With this knowledge, Kaid arrives unexpectedly at the laboratory. Now Alissa or Elektris is caught in middle of a triple cross. Fighting ensues between Kaid, Nuclay and Elektris, but the division of good and evil, and who's on who's side is grayed.

Find out what happens to Elektris!

                Triple Cross

Runtime: 24min 15sec
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