Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Mercedes Brito-

Superior Girl is still lost and in Sinestra's hold. Meanwhile, Divinity, Serenity, and Wonderous Girl have been working tirelessly to find her. With her powers, Serenity picks up Superior Girl's distress signal. She calls Divinity to alert her. She warns Divinity to wait until Wonderous Girl can be contacted, but Divinity has no patience. Before she has a chance to rescue Superior Girl, she's met by a mystery man at her door. His intention is clearly not to sell magazines. A fight takes place, but Divinity is barely able to survive and is finally able to transform. Once she has done this, she makes quick work of this mystery foe, and immediately goes to track Superior Girl's signal. Unfortunately, the signal is false. It has been produced as a trap to lure any and all super heroines who would be looking for Superior Girl. Divinity has been suckered. But who? It turns out a nuclear physicist named Dr. Nuclay has replicated the signal from his laboratory under Kelford Industries. He has been forced into an alliance with Lor'cal who has informed Nuclay that he has only one choice if he wants to rule Earth Prime. Lor'cal orders Nuclay to double cross his son Spawn, and get to the super heroines before Spawn kills them all. Lor'cal doesn't exactly love the fact that Spawn has been killing his food supply. If Nuclay doesn't succeed and this time line continues, Lor'cal warns that regardless of the fact that Nuclay and Spawn have planned to rule Earth Prime together for years, Spawn will inevitably double cross his own father and rule Earth alone. Spawns vengeance towards all super heroines runs deep, as his only love was killed by a super heroine named Avalon. Faced with Lor'cal's offer of limitless power, and a forced alliance, Nuclay prepares to get to all of the super heroines before Spawn's vengeance takes each and every one of them out. Divinity finds herself face to face with a man who has no choice. He orders his assistant, the thug she recently encountered to attack. This will be the first of many super heroines he must get to before Spawn does. Lor'cal has now permanently put a wrench between father and son, and as a final addition to the deal, he orders Nuclay to kill his son. Does Divinity survive the absolute confusion, anger, and inner conflict of both father and son that she has mistakenly fallen directly in to?

Find out what happens in episode 15

          Timing Is Everything

Runtime: 25min 35sec
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