Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Raven Alexis-

An unconscious and bound Shadow Girl is carried into the home of Draggo Vel, a friend of Shade who couldn't resist the chance of taking the famous Shadow Girl around the block! Draggo places the sleeping beauty on his couch and admires her body with his hands exploring her! Draggo then secures her hands and ankles to the couch and runs to the store. Shadow Girl awakens and quickly realizes her situation and tries to get free. She struggles in her bonds but it seems hopeless... Draggo arrives back home ready to play with his new toy, but Shadow Girl is gone, and so is most of the rope used to bind her! He's enraged, cursing himself for being so stupid. Suddenly, Shadow Girl pops up from behind and chokes him with the rope. She interrogates him but the tension she applies is too much for him to respond and he passes out. After a quick search of his wallet, she discovers his identity and quite proud of herself for capturing him. Much to her dismay, he regains consciousness and knocks her silly. Draggo explains that his body heals at an alarming rate and challenges her to attack him. Shadow Girl wastes no time and goes on the offensive, knocking him down over and over with combinations of attacks. Each time he gets back up just as nothing happened. Shadow Girl starts to tire and Draggo toys with her by delivering multiple attacks to all parts of her body. She is damaged so bad that standing is no longer an option. Draggo then puts her to sleep with a rear naked choke. Shadow Girl's eyes flutter open to Draggo's bedroom where she is now bound spread eagle. Draggo jumps on top of her kissing her over and over. Realizing she cannot physically defeat him, she plays to his mind and starts to kiss back. Draggo falls for her deception and....

Find out what happens in episode 14

                   The Jailer

Runtime: 24min 07sec
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