Contains Male/Female Fighting, Strong Violence, Hard Language, and Suggestive Sexual Situations.

Starring -Raven Alexis-

With Superianna out of the way, Spawn asks The Shade to use his invisible powers to investigate a mysterious island said to hold thousands of power amazons. This of course comes at the price of learning the identity of his arch Nemesis Shadow Girl! Spawn agrees to the exchange and provides The Shade with her identity, Bree Gordon! Shade wastes no time and tracks her down to a local library, and starts to have fun by moving inanimate objects around. Bree is followed to her home where Shade watches her strip down before a shower and then makes his move. Bree is caught off guard and stands little chance without being able to see her foe, but she knows immediately who he is! After a humiliating beating, Shade gives Shadow Girl the location of his hideout and instructs her to be there in one hour wearing her Shadow Girl uniform! She gathers her wits, costume, and heads to Shade for a final showdown. The Shade is able to best Shadow Girl once more and he knocks her out after another beat down. Shadow Girl wakes up bound with her hands above her head and legs to a spreader bar! The Shade uses her as a punching bag but eventually gives her an ultimatum... Reveal her true identity and total defeat at the hands of the Shade to the world, or become his slave forever...

Find out what happens to Shadow Girl in Ep 11 The Homecoming...

              The Homecoming

Runtime: 33min 41sec
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